User permissions

The Electronic Updates client runs as a Windows service. The specific user account it runs as depends on your service settings. By default, the user account will be the Local System user. You can check the user account the service is running as by opening the Electronic Updates Status Application.

The user account must have appropriate permissions to download over a secure connection (https) to the internet, store datasets and access network shares or remote machines depending on your Electronic Updates set up. It must also have read access (and, to use the Full Install mode, write access) to the configuration files of all Experian products that will receive updates.

You can change the account used by Electronic Updates from the Windows Services dialog in the Configuration Editor. The Windows Service can then be started from there.

If you have difficulty starting or restarting the service, you should check that the user account has "run as service" permissions.

Certain datasets may be restricted to a specific geographical location.