User-defined layouts can be used to specify the number, content and format of the address output columns.

When a custom layout is defined in the Experian Batch API qaworld.ini config file, a "Custom" option will be available in the Additional options menu, in addition to the "Standard" (7-column) and "Component" (28-coloumn) default layouts.

To create a custom layout, navigate to addressValidate\runtime folder in the Aperture Data Studio installation directory (by default C:\ProgramData\Experian\addressValidate\runtime) and edit the qaworld.ini file using a text editor.

The custom layout has to be named [CustomISO], where "ISO" matches the country base name, and only one of these can be defined per country data set.

Once you've created a custom layout, we recommend checking that it is valid and correct using the BATWV64.EXE test harness before using it in Data Studio.

We also recommend that you restart the Data Studio service after adding or updating a custom layout.

Here's an example of a custom layout that will return a 5-column output with:

  • Line 1 containing business name and department information.
  • Line 2 containing automatically formatted premise and street information.
  • Lines 3 to 5 containing town, county and postcode, respectively.


Configuring USA for CASS certified cleaning

To return addresses in a CASS certified layout with DPV information, the layout should include the following settings: