You can make a part or the whole Function re-usable: select all the required Function parts and click Make reusable. You can also do this while editing a Workflow or a View.

Re-use values in a Function

You can re-use a value in a Function by turning the output of one Function step into a variable to be used as the input to one or more other Function steps within the same overall Function: select a step in the Function and click Make variable. This allows you to create a variable representing the value at that point, and re-use the variable within the scope of that Function.

Testing your Function with Parameters

Parameters allow you to test your Function without having to access a Dataset or a Workflow. When editing a Function, click Parameters to add parameters to the Function. To test the Function works, you can specify test data from an existing Dataset or View, or enter your own comma-separate list of test values for each parameter.

Use double quotes to supply Parameter test values that contain a comma. All values will be treated as a Alphanumeric unless a specific datatype is specified as follows:

  • To enter a Numeric value, prefix the value with {n}, for example "{n}1234".
  • To enter a boolean prefix the value with {b}, for example "{b}true".
  • To enter a Date, prefix the value with {d} and an optional format pattern. For example "{d}1990-01-01" or "{d:yyyy-MM-dd}1990-02-03".