Use the SDK

The Aperture Data Studio SDK provides a simple Java library to create your own custom workflow steps and extend the capabilities of Aperture Data Studio.

The SDK opens up a lot of possibilities and makes complicated data manipulation available in just one simple workflow step. For example:

  • Connecting out to an external service to validate some of your data
  • Performing complicated transformations such as base64 encoding some data
  • Triggering external services or generating data
  • Creating custom file parsers which will enable the conversion of input data from a wide variety of formats into data that can be manipulated within Data Studio. An example JSON parser is provided with the product.

Using the SDK

Head over to our Github repository to grab a skeleton project and start creating your own Aperture Data Studio custom steps. Here, you'll find comprehensive SDK documentation along with how to add your new custom steps and some examples to get you going.

Once you're set up with the custom step SDK, either by adding the .jar file as a dependency to your own project or by cloning our skeleton project, you can start creating your own custom step.

  • All custom steps are added to Aperture Data Studio as a .jar file in the addons folder in your Aperture Data Studio installation (by default, C:\Program Files\Experian\Aperture Data Studio\addons):
    • If you've used our skeleton project, then all your classes will be compiled to a compatible jar when you run the pre-configured build task.
    • If you've added the SDK jar to your own project, then you'll need to configure your build to output a jar file.
  • Once you've added your file you'll need to restart the Aperture Data Studio service. Your custom steps will now appear for you to drag into your workflows and manipulate your data in any way you like. It's as simple as that.

You'll find more detailed usage documentation in the skeleton project readme.