CorrectAddress® is a United States Postal Service® CASS Certified™ and Canada Post SERP-certified address correction, address verification and standardization software solution that enables users to cleanse, verify, and standardize their addresses, both in real-time and batch mode. Designed to overcome a significant degree of variation, fix misspellings and erroneous information, fill in omitted components and normalize incorrect formatting, CorrectAddress® will easily manage vast quantities of data while exhibiting outstanding speed and accuracy.

  • Address verification (U.S.A. and Canada) Advanced name and address parsing Address standardization
  • Recognition of addresses of major corporations ZIP® correction
  • ZIP+4® Code appending
  • DPVTM (Delivery Point Validation) for USA and PoC (Point of Call) verification for Canada LOT (Line of Travel) coding
  • LACSLink™(Locatable Address Conversion System) SuiteLink™ coding
  • Delivery point bar coding with Postnet barcode font included Carrier route codes
  • Support for FIPS codes Geocoding Add-on
  • Merge-Purge and Deduplication Add-on

CorrectAddress® is a powerful and accurate, multi-platform, multi-user solution that fits a variety of development frameworks and production environments. Intuitive APIs allow programmers to plug address verification and address standardization functionality into existing enterprise applications, such as point-of-sale, screening and payroll services, customer management and order tracking just to name a few. The product can be automated for daily or weekly, address correction, batch jobs or it can handle interactive address correction.

Powered by Experian’s advanced fuzzy searching and matching engine, CorrectAddress® delivers unsurpassed address correction speed and accuracy, as compared to standard address handling methodologies. The accuracy is further enhanced as Experian regularly sends out updates when the postal data is changed.

CorrectAddress® will save you money by correcting, parsing, and standardizing every address in your database. It also adds the Carrier Route, LOT, ZIP+4 and Delivery Point Barcodes (DPBC) to every deliverable address.

CorrectAddress® easily integrates into many platforms including Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, Sun Solaris®, AIX. CorrectAddress® seamlessly integrates with SQL Server, Oracle®, DB2®, TeraData®, Sybase®, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Progress and other commercially available database systems. In addition it comes with a set of APIs that enable applications to call CorrectAddress® from programming environments like Java, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, C/C++, PHP, Perl, COBOL, SQL, PowerBuilder, etc.