Ways to integrate

There are many ways to integrate, here are a few:

Postman collections

We now have pre-configured Postman collections for our APIs.

You can quickly test out the requests and responses and see how the API behaves. Simply import the relevant collections, add your token as a variable and start making requests with your desired parameters.

Get Postman collections

Asynchronous integration

With this integration, you can fire your request to the Global Phone Validate service without having to wait for the result to return. The result can be retrieved from the service later, providing more flexibility.

Note that the result will be removed if it is not accessed within 5 minutes. Also, you may have to make several attempts to retrieve the results if there is a delay in retrieving them back.

How does it work?

The client specifies an action using an HTTP POST followed by an HTTP GET to request the result.

Synchronous integration

With this integration when a request is fired to the Global Phone Validate service, you will receive your result within the request call itself. Therefore, you have to wait for the request to finish processing before you can continue with the workflow.

How does it work?

The client specifies an action using an HTTP POST to request the result.

Global Phone Validate

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