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Experian Address Validation

Data journey

Data journey

Data journey


ISO 27001 Certificates available upon request

Data retention

The following data elements are stored for 3 months in an Experian Datacenter for monitoring purposes. The following data is encrypted and stored for 1 year in Microsoft Azure for troubleshooting, internal testing, caching and product quality improvement purposes:

  • Input country
  • Input address
  • Transaction start/end time
  • IP address of caller

For data quality insights reporting purposes: we store 100% anonymized metadata related to searches across all services, indefinitely.

Regional data transfer

  • The API Gateway, Experian Address Validation and Experian Enrichment products are deployed to the US, UK and Australia.
  • Depending on the origin, requests are routed to the nearest data center and data remains there.
  • In the event of a data center failure, requests will be routed to the nearest healthy data center.