Initial address mapping

Mapping allows you to map a collection of data values returned by the Experian Address Validation API (and additional Enrichment API if configured) to a collection of Microsoft Dynamics entity fields.

The solution comes pre-configured with two simple address mappings (named Address1 and Address2) for the address1_* and address2_* fields of the 4 standard entities:

  • Account
  • Competitor
  • Contact
  • Lead

View of Map fields page with standard entities and address mappings

These pre-configured mappings may be used out-of-the-box to perform simple address searches on the 4 standard entities listed, with no further action required.

If you do need to customize these mappings, add new ones for other entities or utilize our additional data, please complete the quick setup steps and then advance to the next sections on enabling additional data, creating the required fields and configuring the field mappings.