Initial address mapping

Address mapping maps a collection of data values returned by the address API (and additional enrichment datasets if configured) to a collection of MS Dynamics entity fields.

Address mapping is always associated with a single MS Dynamics entity and must be named. An MS Dynamics entity may have as many address mappings configured as there are addresses held by the entity.

The solution comes pre-configured with 4 standard entities:

  • Account
  • Competitor
  • Contact
  • Lead

and 2 simple address mappings:

  • Address1
  • Address2

View of mappings tab with standard entities and address mappings

These pre-configured mappings may be used out-of-the-box to perform simple address searches on the standard entities to start using the built-in address mappings. To map your standard entities:

  1. Go to the Configuration page.
  2. Click the Map fields tab.
  3. From the entities list on the left select the entity for which you want to configure an address mapping (Account, Competitor, Contact or Lead).
  4. Select the mappings you wish to map (Address1 or Address2).
  5. The names of the standard address values returned by the API are shown under the tab heading Standard address fields and under each name is a drop-down listbox that contains fields of the associated entity. Click on each drop-down listbox and select the field that you want populated by that API value. Use our example:

An example of what field entities you can map into these standard address values would be:

Standard address values field entity
Address line1 address1_line1
Address line2 address1_line2
Address line3 address1_line3
Address Locality address1_city
Address Province address1_stateorprovince
Address Postal code address1_postalcode
Address Country address1_country

example of standard address field mapping