You can whitelist a specific IP/IP range by updating your token via the Self Service Portal.

The processing platform may occasionally be unavailable due to maintenance. Your account manager will notify you in advance of any scheduled maintenance periods.

To change your password please contact your local support team.

To manage clicks, credentials, and reporting, please contact your account manager or your local support team for more information.

The account lock was implemented for security purposes and occurs after too many failed login attempts. To unlock, please contact your local support team.

Files remain in the incoming folder for the entire duration of processing. Only once the file has completed processing will it get removed from the incoming folder and a file with the same name will show up in the outgoing folder.

Files remain in the outgoing folder for 30 days, per the data retention policy, unless the customer explicitly deletes the file earlier.

No, files in the incoming folder do not indicate any issues. Files in this folder merely mean that they have not been fully processed. The client would have received an email stating that the file was successfully received and is being processed.