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Connecting to Electronic updates

Global servers

Experian Electronic Updates is based on portal websites and web services that run over HTTPS.

The Electronic Updates services are hosted in data centres located around the world and it is our aim to ensure connections to these are as fast and reliable as possible. Traffic is directed to these global data centres, and where possible users are routed to their closest data centre.

Access Requirements

Access to the Experian Electronic Updates services is over the internet using industry standard protocols and ports. In order to access these services you need to ensure that certain URLs are accessible through your IT infrastructure (i.e. firewalls). The following table outlines the access requirements necessary to make the best of the available services:

URL Port Protocol IP address
https://updates.qas.com 443 https,,,,,,,,,,
https://dn.updates.qas.com 443 https,,,,,,,,,,
https://dn2.updates.qas.com 443 https
https://dn4.updates.qas.com 443 https
https://dn5.updates.qas.com 443 https,,,,,,,,,,
https://ws.updates.qas.com/metadata/V2/ 443 https

Please ensure your firewalls accept a connection to these servers to allow Electronic Updates to perform its required downloads.

Network account

The network account under which Electronic Updates client runs on Microsoft Windows must be able to create, change and delete files and folders on the Experian product installations on UNIX/Linux. Free software such as SAMBA can be used to achieve this.