Manage scheduled and running jobs

A list of all audit events such as user logins, viewed data and workflow operations (create, delete, share).

A list of running, queued and completed jobs (e.g. workflow executions).

Log messages
A list of detailed system logs. To download logs as a .txt file, click on your username in the top menu and select Download log files. Note that this option is available to administrators only.

A list of temporary processes that may run to support various one-off system operations.

Repository objects
A list of all repository objects (e.g. users, business constants, data tags, regular expressions, data sources).

Restart log
A list of various checks that the system will run periodically (e.g checking disk space).

A list of permanent processes that support various system operations (e.g job scheduling, housekeeping, loading, alert notification).

A list of user and server sessions.

A list of all snapshots. This includes information such as when snapshots were created and how much disk space is currently used. Also, administrators have the option to delete individual snapshots.

A list of the key sub-directories that form the database.

Various statistics relating to the running of the system (e.g. number of CPUs, free memory, network information).

A list of running and completed data operation tasks (e.g. load, profile, find duplicates).

Aperture Data Studio v1

Customize and monitor usage