You will receive a license key for each combination of data and product that you purchase. You will also be sent new license keys when you renew your data and product licenses. Failure to enter a valid license key means that the product will be unable to use data.

If you are running Pro API on Windows, you are prompted to enter your license key(s) during the data installation process. If you are installing datasets manually, or installing additional datasets you must enter your data license keys into the qalicn.ini file. You can edit the file manually or use the license Manager dialog of the Configuration Editor to add and delete license keys.

If you are running Pro API on UNIX, you must enter your data license keys into the qalicn.ini file. You should edit the file manually.

Expiry Warnings

If you have data installed which is nearing expiry, the Dataset Expiry Notification dialog will be displayed when you first open the Configuration Editor. This dialog will also warn you if product or data licenses have expired or are due to expire.

Evaluation licenses

If you have an evaluation copy of an Experian product or data, evaluation license keys are provided that set time limits on the usage of the data. You can enter the evaluation license key as normal, but to continue using the product and data after the time limit has been reached, you must purchase a full license.

If you are running Pro API on Windows, you can enter your full product license key(s) via the license Manager dialog, which can be accessed by clicking the licenses… button on the Dataset Manager pane of the Configuration Editor.

If you are running Pro API in UNIX, or do not want to use the Configuration Editor, you can edit the license key(s) in the qalicn.ini file. You should delete the old license keys and enter the new ones before saving the file. Once you have saved the file, the evaluation copy will be automatically upgraded to the full product.

Metered Licences

Metered licenses are available for some datasets, and offer an alternative pricing scheme for certain kinds of address searching. A standard data license is paid for annually, and allows unlimited use of a dataset. With a metered or "per-click" data license, you pay for a number of "clicks" in advance of their use. Evaluation metered licenses are also available.

For GBR data the only metered licenses available are MATCH meters, which decrement each time a match (or picklist of matches) is found for a search. If you purchase a metered license for GBR data, or for any GBR additional datasets, a click is not deducted for every successful search, but for every 100 entries in the resulting picklist. For example, a single search resulting in a picklist of 100 items would cost 1 click, but a single search resulting in a picklist of 101 items would cost 2 clicks.

For APAC data, the only metered licenses available are FINAL meters. For more information about FINAL metered licenses, please contact your Experian Account Manager.

MATCH meters only work with Web integrations.

Clicks for United Kingdom, United Kingdom with Names and United Kingdom with Pointer data expire 12 months after activation.

When you enter a metered license key, the number of clicks available on each meter (and therefore on the whole server) and the valid dates for the clicks are visible from the Administrator Console. When clicks for a meter have expired, the meter list will continue to display the meter for 28 days after the expiration date, after which it will be removed from the meter list.

Metered Licences And Additional Datasets

Metered licenses can be purchased for additional datasets. If you search using a data mapping which includes additional datasets then Pro Web will attempt to decrement the meters of all the additional datasets in the data mapping, but not the base dataset. If any metered dataset in the data mapping has run out, then no results will be returned.

Street Level Validation

The restrictions that are put in place by Street Level Validation (SLV) are controlled by the license key, meaning that it is quick and easy to upgrade to the full functionality of Pro Web. When you upgrade, a new license will be sent out to you that will remove the restrictions.