If the user misspells any address element in Typedown searching, Pro API will not be able to find it. If users are uncertain of the spelling of an address, they should use the Singleline searching method instead.

If you type in a place or street level combination which does not match anything in the dataset, a 'No Matches' message appears in the Results area. Incorrect text can be deleted with the Backspace key.

This message indicates a problem with your server settings. Ensure the port you specified during installation is clear. You can type netstat -ao from the command line to view all active connections and the ports they are using.

If you need to change the port you will need to update your Server Settings, update your integration pages, run the Add Service shortcut in the Pro API program group, and manually restart the service.

Ensure that you have also downloaded and installed the latest Microsoft SOAP toolkit.

This error message indicates that the dataset cannot be used. This can occur if the data that you have installed has expired, or if no data has been installed.

The Pro API service may not be started. Check the Services panel to ensure that the Pro API service has been started.