The Global Intuitive API will use either a partial or complete address to return a list of suggestions. Selecting a suggestion allows the user to then retrieve a well formatted (one that could be printed on an envelope) address.

It is a two step process including two endpoints:

  1. Search for an address either partially or in full. This will provide a selection of address to choose from.
  2. Format the selected address, using a 'global address key', thereby creating a well formatted address.

Within this search type you have the option to include our Data Enrichment products to gain an improved level of insight into individuals, households and geographic areas. For example, you can find out an address's geocoordinates. For more information go to Experian Enrichment.


The recommended workflow (as demonstrated by our sample code) is:

  1. Make a GET /Search request for each keystroke the user enters into your address capture field. Each request will comprise of the 3-digit ISO code of the country the user is searching on, the current text entered in the field and the number of suggestions to return. We recommend that you cancel any unfinished requests upon additional keystrokes.
  2. Display the address suggestions to the user beneath the address capture field.
  3. Make a GET /Format request when the user selects their address from the suggestions. The URL for this request is returned as part of the search suggestions.
  4. Display the selected address back to the user. You can do this by populating your relevant address fields or displaying outside of your form.
  5. Store the relevant address components in your database if required.