If you are looking to upgrade from Pro Web or Address Validate SOAP (Formerly known as Pro On Demand) to Global Intuitive you will need to understand the differences in integration approach and how to prepare for this.


  • User Experience (UX) - requires a change in workflow; changes to the user input form are required.
  • Global Intuitive is much more interactive compared with previous versions of Address Validate API SOAP, therefore more requests are made.
  • Implementation change - going from SOAP to RESTful web services.
  • Global Intuitive forgoes the traditional address layout functionality in favour of returning a global 7 line address collection along with a full component breakdown. The 7 lines are for displaying back to the end user whilst the full component collection allows for specific components to be entered in to relevant database fields.
  • Pro Web customers should understand the additional security considerations of calling out to an external web service - opening ports/firewalls etc.