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QuickAddress Products for Service Bureau Arrangements Terms of Use

If we permit you to use QuickAddress Licensed Products in any Service Bureau arrangement, the following additional terms will apply:

  1. Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 7.1 (c) of the QAS Licence Terms and Conditions, for the purposes of this Agreement, your internal business purpose are deemed to mean the provision of a Service Bureau arrangement to your clients.
  2. You may only use the Licensed Products for the purposes of offering a Service Bureau arrangement to your clients and not for any other purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall not use the Licensed Products except to provide a Service Bureau arrangement to your clients.
  3. You will ensure that any client that you are providing a Service Bureau arrangement to will not have access to or possession of the Licensed Products in any way.
  4. You will ensure that any database, list or data file that a client makes available to you has been fairly and lawfully obtained and used for the purpose of mailing communications to those customers in its own name and upon its own behalf only. You will indemnify us against all and any losses, demands, claims, actions and proceedings whatsoever and howsoever arising out of a breach of this clause by you.
  5. Where you are providing Service Bureau arrangements on your website, the web terms of use stated on Our Website will also apply to you.