Intuitive searching has elements of both Singleline and Typedown searching. The user enters an address in the format they are familiar with, and with each extra letter typed, the picklist narrows down the result until a final address is selected.

The Intuitive engine is designed so that the user can enter addresses quickly and easily, using a real-time picklist, fuzzy matching and delimiters such as commas and dashes are handled accurately and transparently.

The Intuitive search engine has aspects of both the Singleline and Typedown engines in its operation: the user types the address similarly to how they would use the SingleLine engine and selects the correct address from the Typedown style picklist.

The Intuitive search scenario does not require further refinement after the address has been entered as it starts with the most specific address elements. As the user types, the picklist automatically updates with suggestions. The Intuitive Search mode only supports picklists returned in a flattened mode.

Search examples

This type of search usually involves the following stages:

  • Typically, the user enters the address details in the order that they would appear on the envelope. There is no need to click Search; the picklist is automatically updated.
  • If more than one possible match is found, the user can select the required address from a picklist, or continue to type to narrow down the address.
  • The full address returned.

For example, to search for 17 Riches Avenue, Woodford, NSW 2778, a user should follow these steps:

  1. Select the Intuitive Search method.

  2. Select Australia from the Datamap or Country drop-down box.

  3. Type the following search string in the Search field (commas are not necessary to separate address elements):

    17 riche

  4. From this amount of information, a picklist has appeared with suggestions. If the address required is listed in the picklist, then either click it with the mouse or press the down arrow on your keyboard to select the address and press Enter.

  5. Alternatively you can keep typing to refine the search further. Typing the following:

    17 riches avenue

    This will return a single picklist item, which can be selected as above.

  6. The address is returned:

    17 Riches Ave

Instant Updating
When using the Intuitive Search engine, any changes to the address input line instantly affect the picklist without a keystroke needed.

For example, while searching for the address 8 Greeney Street, Altona, VIC, 3018, if you enter the following into the Search box:

8 greely street

Then the address 8 Reely Street, Pymble will be returned, which is not the target address. If you then select the 'I' of greely and replace it with 'ne' to spell greeney, the picklist is instantly updated with the address.

This can then be selected and confirmed as the correct address.

Classification can be used to divide an address into its elements (such as Street, Locality, State and Postcode) without the address having been captured. This can be used to standardize your address input even if it is not captured by Pro API.

Below is an example of classifying an entered address without it being captured:

  1. Type in the following address:

    17 fiction street, nowhere town, somestate

  2. The address will not be found and the picklist will be empty.

  3. Click the Format button.

  4. The address will be classified and returned without having been captured.

Using the Intuitive Search, you can retain specific unmatched pre and post street line detail in the form of leading 'care of' text and trailing sub-premise information. Retained text will be displayed in both the picklist and the final address.

  • Care of
    The supported forms for 'care of' are: care of, C/O, C O and Attn.

    For example, type in the following address: Attn Mr E White, 12 cockscr

    The 'Attn' text is retained within the Intuitive match. Selecting the picklist address and clicking Format will return the retained text with the final address:

    Attn Mr E White

    12 Cocks Crow
    Staunton IL 62088-9754

    The retained 'Care Of' text is not part of the Standard Layout. Users have to configure a layout to contain the leading retained text using the Configuration Editor.

  • Sub-Premise

    The following sub-premise forms are supported:

    #-H I-R S-Z
    # lbby, lobby side
    apt, apartment, apartment, app lot slip
    bsmt, basement lowr, lower spc, space, sp
    bldg, bdg, building ofc, office stop
    box, bx ph, penthouse, penhouse ste, suite
    dept, department pmb trlr, trailer
    fl, flr, floor pier unit
    frnt, front rear uppr, upper
    hngr, hanger, hangar rm, room

    For example, type in the following address: 12 Cocks Crow Apt 100

    The search matches to 12 Cocks Crow, Staunton IL.

    The sub-premise detail 'Apt 100' is not within the reference data but will be retained within the Intuitive search due to Extended Retention (see the USA data guide for details).