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Last updated: November 2023

The aim of this Service Level Agreement Document (the “Document”) is to set out the level of service provided for the following Experian Data Quality Software as a Service (SaaS) services:

  • Experian Address Validation
  • Global Intuitive
  • Address Validation REST
  • Address Validation SOAP (v1, v2, v3)
  • Experian Email Validation
  • Experian Phone Validation
  • Phone Validate API
  • Reverse Phone Append (v1, v2)
  • EDQ for Salesforce
  • EDQ for MS Dynamics
  • EDQ for Oracle

These are hereafter referred to as ‘the Service’.

This Document therefore summarises Experian Data Quality's intended operation of the relevant product(s) and/or services described below including Experian Data Quality’s Service Level Goals and associated reporting procedures to support the Service Level Goals.

Whilst Experian Data Quality will strive to meet or exceed the Service Level Goals, which this Document contains, this Document is not intended to be of contractual effect, and therefore does not create or vary any legally binding obligations. Experian Data Quality products and/or services are not intended to be used as the sole basis for any business decision.

See live and historic availability information for Experian Data Quality’s SaaS services, and to sign up for email updates on service incidents and scheduled maintenance. Alternatively, contact your Experian Data Quality Account Manager for more information.

If you are an EDQ Hosted Aperture Data Studio customer, please refer to this Hosted Data Studio SLA.

The content of this Document is drafted and maintained by Experian Data Quality.

Service Level Goals

The Service provides customers with a real-time and bulk web services to capture, validate and enrich contact data –including postal
address, email and phone – with the following Service Level Goals:

1. Service Availability Target

The Service availability target is 99.95%. This is measured monthly from customer reported Outages (submitted to Experian Data Quality), which occur within the Service Hours over a calendar month. The Service availability is calculated as follows:
(A – B)/A x 100 = % availability where:
A = Service Hours
B = Outage

* The availability of the customer’s network is not included in the Service availability calculation above.

2. Service Scope

Experian Data Quality is responsible for all Hosted Licensed Materials required to provide the Service to the customer. The table below defines those areas within scope of the Service:

Area Within scope of the Service
Customer Application – e.g. Customer website, data sources etc. No
Customer Network – e.g. Routers, Switches and Firewalls No
Internet No
Experian Data Quality Network – e.g. Routers, Switches, and Firewalls Yes
Experian Data Quality Service Yes

Experian Data Quality is responsible for the Incident management of any events within the above Service scope, which cause or may cause an interruption or degradation in the quality of the Service. This includes proactive monitoring or reaction to a customer report and resolution recovery.

3. Service Responsibilities

The Service provides validation and enrichment as real-time and bulk services via a fixed and version controlled set of web services, which is maintained through adherence to the Experian Data Quality End of Service Life policy(EOSL) and through:

  • Reference data files being updated regularly, ranging from monthly to annual depending on data supplier;
  • Data being processed in real-time and bulk; and
  • Search input data and output data not being stored, unless at the customer’s request for the purpose of the customer’s analysis or ongoing Service refinement.

4. Service Capacity

Experian Data Quality initially assesses the expected load on the Hosted Licensed Materials to ensure that the Service has sufficient storage capacity and responsiveness. If a customer foresees substantial changes to previously agreed data volumes, usage periods, or simultaneous users, the customer is required to notify Experian Data Quality in advance.

5. Service Continuity

Experian Data Quality is responsible for ensuring the availability of the Service to the customer. Our Services are hosted within data centers in multiple regions, to ensure continuity of Service for our customers.
If it is deemed by Experian Data Quality that the customer'suse of the Service will be substantially affected, including an Outage to the Service, Experian Data Quality senior management will declare a disaster and will communicate through our status page to advise of the interruption to the Service.
Experian Data Quality is responsible for ensuring that the Service is restored following an unplanned interruption.

6. Security

The customer must maintain security procedures that control access to the Service via user accounts.
The Experian Data Quality Hosted Licensed Materials are hosted within a physically secure data center location. Hardware and software components are monitored to provide a consistent level of the Service to our customers.

7. Service Reporting

Reporting on the recent availability of the Service is available on request from your Experian Data Quality Account Manager.

8. Service Review

Experian Data Quality and the customer shall communicate on an ad-hoc basis, including conference calls if necessary, to address any unresolved issues regarding the Service. Experian Data Quality may adjust the Service Level Goals contained in this Document at any time upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to the customer.

9. Maintenance Periods

Experian Data Quality will provide a minimum of 21 days’ advance notice of any maintenance windows that are likely to impact the availability of the Service. A standard maintenance window will last between 0 and 3 hours.
The exceptions to the notice period include when a change is required to resolve a major incident. In these circumstances, Experian Data Quality will use reasonable endeavour to provide customers with as much notice as possible.
To sign up for email updates on scheduled maintenance, see our status page or contact your Experian Data Quality Account manager.

10. Incident Resolution Target

Incidents reported by the customer are logged, owned, and tracked according to the following priorities and targets:

Priority Level Priority Definition Restoration Time
P1 The complete loss of service from Experian Data Quality Hosted Licensed Materials 2 working hours for issue resolution.
P2 A single component failure. Could result in loss of resilience. Minor impact to service 6 working hours for issue resolution.
P3 Minor issue. No failure / no impact. 7 business days for issue resolution, or agreed on a case by case basis

Incident updates will be provided via our status page and may also be provided, via direct and indirect means, through the Experian Data Quality support team.
The customer may be requested to provide supporting information in order for Experian Data Quality to resolve an Incident, work to resolve the Incident may cease until this information is received. Where an Incident is due to an issue outside of the Experian Data Quality Hosted Licensed Materials, the Resolution Targets mentioned above would no longer apply and any further assistance provided by Experian Data Quality to the customer cannot be guaranteed.

11. Service Desk and User Support

For information on Incidents and Outages please refer to our status page and the Experian Data Quality Support Policy for your region:

12. Data Retention

For troubleshooting, internal testing, caching and product quality improvement purposes: We store successful and failed searches across all services for up to 1 year. For data quality insights reporting purposes: We store 100% anonymized metadata related to searches across all services indefinitely


Incident: means a potential problem with the availability of the Service reported by a customer to Experian Data Quality. Each Incident is investigated by Experian Data Quality to ascertain whether a resolution needs to be sought.
Hosted Licensed Materials: means all elements of the Service hosted by Experian Data Quality that are required to provide the Service to customers. This includes the Experian Data Quality Network (e.g., Routers, Switches, and Firewalls) and the Service itself.
Outage: means any unscheduled period of time when access to Experian Data Quality Hosted Licensed Materials are unavailable for a period of five consecutive minutes. Outages will not be seen to affect the Service when the root cause is found to be outside of the Experian Data Quality domain, as defined in Service Scope section in paragraph (2) above.
Resolution Target: means the target time in days or hours in which Experian Data Quality will aim to resolve the Incident.
Service: means the Service, provided by Experian Data Quality to the customer, and its associated infrastructure. See also ‘Hosted Licensed Materials’.
Service Hours: means all hours the Service is available (Monday to Sunday from 00:00 – 23:59) during the period of coverage, excluding any scheduled maintenance.
Service Level Goals: means the content of all paragraphs in section A of this Document, which Experian Data Quality will aim to fulfil as part its provision of the Service to customers. The Service Level Goals are measured from January 1 to December 31 each year.
Service Management Tool: means the software used by Experian Data Quality to log, track and record Incidents reported by
customers relating to the Service.

Changes to the Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement may be updated from time to time, and the latest version of the document will be shown here. You can see at the top of the page when it was last updated.