If you are currently using our Legacy Reverse Phone Append, there is now a new version you can upgrade to.

The new Reverse Phone Append has an enhanced dataset integrated into it that improves match rates like, pairing a name/address to a phone number, to between 60-80%. To upgrade at no extra cost:

  1. Login to EDQ Self-Service Portal.
  2. Go to the account and deployment that the existing RPA is using.
  3. Create a new token from this deployment.
  4. Replace existing (Legacy) endpoint
    • From https://api.experianmarketingservices.com/queryresult/PhoneValidatePlus/1.0/.
    • To https://api.experianaperture.io/phone/append/v1/.
  5. Replace the existing token which is used to integrate with RPA (Legacy) with the new token you have just created. This will integrate with the enhanced RPA endpoint.
  6. Update request body and response inline with new API specification.