Address Validation

Experian's powerful intuitive address validation tool uses data from over 240 countries to deliver accurate, fast results. We can even cleanse addresses at point-of-entry and enrich your data with corresponding geocoordinates in real-time, so you can be sure that only accurate billing, shipping and contact addresses with precise geolocation details enter your database.

Intuitive searching

Intuitive searching is an address capture methods, designed to enable you to capture an address as quickly as possible. You enter a minimal amount of address information into the Address Search popup window, and then drill down through a series of picklists to locate the required address. The final address is then formatted and returned to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM form.

The Intuitive Search engine combines the simplicity of Single Line searching with the convenience of immediate picklists and excellent fuzzy matching.

Address searching is performed per key pressed and the results displayed in real time. In addition, the Intuitive Search function is designed to handle inconsistent punctuation, spelling and formatting. Commas are not necessary but will be handled if they are added.