Address Validation

Experian's powerful intuitive address validation tool uses data from over 240 countries to deliver accurate, fast results. We can even cleanse addresses at Experian Address Validation is a real-time address lookup solution that makes it quick and easy to validate, format and enrich addresses from 245 countries and territories. The global REST API can be seamlessly integrated into any form on your website, checkout, ePOS, call centre and a wide range of CRM, ERP and e-commerce applications.

Microsoft D365 CE PCF makes use of the Autocomplete search type of the Experian Address Validation API. Autocomplete makes use of several functionalities, including Fuzzy matching and Location biasing.

Addresses can also be enriched with additional data in real-time for greater customer insights. Enrichment data includes business information, delivery point and property identifiers, geocodes, consumer demographics, as well as government and health insights.