The MS Dynamics 365 PCF (Power apps Component Framework) control supports our Autocomplete search type with our Experian Address Validation API, a single unified solution installer and user friendly configuration processes.

  • Address validation uses only our latest Experian Address Validation REST API. No batch or bulk validation is currently available.

  • All the configuration settings can be controlled from the solution’s Configuration pages within MS Dynamics 365 and the forms (standard and custom).

  • The solution can capture and store validation tracking and enrichment granularity information if specified via Custom fields.

  • The solution is preconfigured to:

    1. Use Autocomplete search type on Address1 (street1) and address1_composite fields
    2. Use Address1 (longitude, latitude) fields for Geocoding
    3. Use emailaddress1 field for email validation
    4. Use address1_telephone1 for phone validation

There is no SOAP integration available in this version of the product. Should you require a SOAP integration, then please contact support.