The optional dataset parameter allows you to specify the dataset the address you're searching for is sourced from. Our Experian Address Validation documentation details all the supported countries and datasets. Currently, the following countries have options for additional datasets:

  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

To enable Address datasets:

  1. Go to the Configuration page.

  2. Click the Configure products tab.

  3. (Optional) Fill in the Default Dataset field. Currently only valid for Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

  4. (Optional) Fill in the Additional datasets field. This text field contains what datasets need to be used together with the default dataset already set in search request.

    Make sure you use a

    • ; between different countries
    • , between different datasets, and
    • : between country ISO code and corresponding datasets

    (Country ISO:Dataset name1,Dataset name2; Country ISO:Dataset name1)

    Example: GBR:gb-additional-notyetbuilt,gb-additional-multipleresidence

    Additional dataset example

  5. Click Apply.

Enrichment datasets

Enrichment datasets hold data that can be used to augment address data. They are licensed separately and your address activation token will determine which enrichment datasets you are licensed to use (an error response will be returned if you perform an address search using an enrichment dataset for which you are not licensed).

Dataset type Integration setup
Global dataset The global dataset is named geocodes and provides access to Latitude, Longitude and Match level data across all countries. The Latitude and Longitude properties will return values for the coordinates of each address.The Match level property specifies whether the address data pertains to a building, street, or postal code.
Regional datasets There are many regional datasets and each is specific to one country. The country associated with a regional dataset can usually be ascertained from the three letter ISO code used to prefix the dataset name.

If an Address mapping is configured to use longitude and/or latitude properties specified in the geocodes dataset those property values will be returned for all countries. However, longitude and latitude data is also available in some regional datasets. If a regional dataset with these properties is also configured in an address mapping, then when an address search is performed for the country of that regional dataset, the longitude and latitude values from that dataset will take precedence over the values returned by the goecodes dataset.

Selecting enrichment dataset properties

In order to use the additional data available in properties of a licensed enrichment dataset you first need to select the dataset properties that hold the data you are interested in. Once selected those dataset properties will be available when you subsequently use them to configure an Address mapping. They will appear in the Map fields tab, under Additional data fields. Be sure to only select the properties of interest as this will ensure a less cluttered UI under the Map fields tab.

  1. Go to the Configuration page.
  2. Click the Configure additional data tab.
  3. Select Address Enrichment from the ADDITIONAL DATA column.
  4. Select the enrichment dataset for which you are licensed from the DATASET column.
  5. Select the properties of that dataset that you are interested in.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for other licensed datasets.
  7. Click APPLY to save your choices.