Experian Enrichment ('the API' or 'Enrichment') is a real-time REST API you can use to gain an improved level of insight into individuals, households and geographic areas. For example, you can find out a household's estimated income level or an address's geographical coordinates.

Currently, the API can enrich the following data and countries & territories:

  • Global geographical coordinates data for 245 countries and territories.
  • Regional geographical coordinates data from most authoritative sources in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.
  • Consumer's household data in Australia and New Zealand

You can use the API in many different scenarios, depending on your specific needs.

Common use cases:

  • You want to append the geographical coordinates when a customer enters their address on your website, to help improve the customer delivery experience and better your understanding of your customers geographical distribution.
  • You want to append additional insight such as life events, household data, interests, financial data, preferred communication channels, etc.

Available datasets can be viewed on our Supported datasets page.