Release notes

These are the release notes for Experian Aperture Enrichment:

Release v2.0

February 2022

  • Depreciation of 2015 and 2018 Mosaic attributes on the Australia ConsumerView Household and Australia ConsumerView Postcode dataset.
  • Introduction of generic mosaic attributes without year reference to provide the most recent mosaic data on the Australia ConsumerView Household dataset.

January 2022

  • Introduction of new United Kingdom Government and Health datasets.

December 2021

  • Introduction of 2021 Meshblock attributes on the Australia Regional Geocodes dataset based on the latest census information provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).
  • Depreciation of 2011 Meshblock attributes on the Australia Regional Geocodes dataset.

August 2021

  • Australia ConsumerView Household dataset is now searchable using the Global Address Key allowing existing or new Address Validation customers to access this dataset.

April 2021

  • Introduction of new New Zealand Regional Geocodes powered by the country's most comprehensive NZ Post and LINZ data sources which provides higher accuracy geographical coordinate data.
  • Introduction of a new New Zealand ConsumerView dataset which consists of a selection of household and MOSAIC attributes for the region.
  • Introduction of additional location attributes on Australia Regional Geocodes dataset. Attributes included are:
    • Geocode level and type
    • Latitude and Longitude (and related geocoding attributes) based on the geocode level
    • Meshblock information for 2016 and 2011
    • State electoral related information
    • Address type codee

March 2021

  • Introduced additional attributes for usa_regional_geocodes
    • census_tract
    • census_block
    • core_based_statistical_area
    • congressional_district_number
    • county_code.

September 2020

  • Introduced two new Geocodes dataset for United Kingdom (uk_location_essential and uk_location_complete).

April 2020

  • Introduced new Global Geocodes and Australia Regional Geocodes datasets.

October 2019

  • Introduced new Geocodes dataset for United States of America.

November 2018

Experian Aperture Enrichment v2 has the following key characteristics:

  • It supports multiple data formats - JSON, XML, MessagePack.
  • Improved uptime and failover with multiple cloud hosted locations in different geographic areas.
  • Better consistency with our other products, such as Experian Email Validation and Experian Phone Validation.
  • Improved processing times per request.
  • It's easier to implement, with improved documentation.

Release v1.0

First release of product, supporting three Australian datasets. No longer available.