API Personalization

Experian Address Validation can sit behind a multitude of different user interfaces to create the best user experience for your website.

For a more personalized integration, please feel free to contact us.

Search types

You can use any number of different website designs to integrate the Experian Address Validation. This guide covers the following three types of search: Autocomplete, Multi-Field and Single-Field.

If your website uses a different search types to the ones in this document, our Experian Address Validation can still be used in conjunction with it as long as it lends itself to a two step search/format approach.


Display function

Whether you choose to display your results in a dropdown, predictive style, rolodex style or another function, Experian Address Validation can integrate seamlessly into your website so that the results are displayed to suit your website design.

Search suggestions

You can also decide what results are searched for when a user types in an address.

  • Program the search to only look at addresses within a specific country.
  • Ask the user to select a country first, then program the search to only look at addresses within this country.
  • Program multiple searches to occur simultaneously – each search a different country (i.e. your top 4 most used).