Custom layout elements

An address layout is constructed from individual address elements across multiple lines. To add address elements to a line, simply drag them from the Address panel to the desired position.

You can add multiple address elements to a line if required, and remove any you don't need using the buttons.

If an element has a button, it can be split into multiple sub-components. Click the button to show them – you can now drag the sub-components onto an address line.

If you can't find the address element you need, try typing its name into the search box.

If you have access to DataPlus elements, you can add these to DataPlus lines below the address lines.

First, click the button of a DataPlus group to see the available elements, then drag the elements you require onto one or more DataPlus lines:

You can add one DataPlus element to each line, and remove them using the buttons. You can also add new DataPlus lines and drag DataPlus elements between them.

If you can't find the DataPlus element or group you need, try typing its name into the search box.

As well as adding elements to lines, you can add and remove lines, move lines up and down within a section, and set the maximum width of each line.

Reference Icon Decsription
1 Click this button to add a new empty line to the bottom of this section (either the Address Elements section or the DataPlus section).
2 If this section has more than one line, click and drag one of these icons to move lines up or down in the Layout.
3 Use the up and down arrows in the Width column to adjust the maximum width of each line. This number is measured in characters. If a Cleaned Address line exceeds its maximum width, the text on that line will be clipped to this amount of characters.If you want to restrict an address line's width without clipping its contents, insert an address line below it containing just the element. Note that this technique cannot be used with DataPlus lines.
4 If this section has more than one line, click this button to delete a line. If the line contains any elements, they will be removed from the Layout.