The jobs page

The Jobs page is Clean's homepage. It acts as a dashboard from which you can view information about all the clean and enrich Jobs you have submitted, and is also the location you should visit to run a new Job.

Run a New Job

Use the Run New Job button to begin configuring a new Job with Clean.

Latest Jobs

If you have used Clean before, the Latest Jobs area will display the details of the last four Jobs you have run.

Jobs fall into one of four categories:

Icon Status Description
Ready For Download This Job has finished processing and completed successfully. Select this Job to go to the Results page, where you can download the Job's cleaned address file and reports.
Once you download the results of a Job, the Job's status will change to Download Complete.
In Progress This Job has submitted successfully but is still being processed by Clean. You will receive an email when the Job is complete.
Download Complete This Job completed successfully, and you have already downloaded the results. However, you can still select this Job again to go to the Results page.
Failed This Job was submitted successfully but Clean could not complete the processing. Select this Job to see why.

Job history

If you have used Clean before, the Job History area will display the details of all Jobs you have run in the past.

This area contains the same details as the Latest Jobs area, but also contains more historical information. You can see more details about any of your past Jobs, and access the Results page for successful Jobs, from this area.

Use the Filter list by status drop-down box to show only Jobs of a certain type (such as Jobs which are still in progress), and the Next/Previous buttons to scan through historical and more recent Jobs. You can also reorder the table by clicking the column headers.