Example clean

Clean Application is capable of turning limited postal information into full, usable postal addresses by correcting errors and omissions, updating old data and adding postally required information. At the same time, Clean can clean email addresses in real time. This is illustrated in the simple example below.

Sample input addresses

ID Name Email Address2 Address3 Address4 Address5 Address6
1 The Beer Co. enquiries@beerco.com Old Brewery 2 The Maltings Milton Abbas Blandford DT11OBH
2 joe.bloggs@hotmail.com Brookfield Terrace Higher Foxdale Isle Of Man IM4123
3 Geometry In hi@geometry-inc.co.uk Euclid Street Swindon
4 Bark and Berk bark.berk@lawyers.net Charnwood Wokingham Road Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1PB
5 Southbury Sand orders@southburysand.org 8 Southbury Carshalton Beeches Surrey

Sample cleaned addresses

Match Profile Match Code Name Address2 Address3 Address4 Address5 Address6 Email EmailMatchCode ID
Good Match R933004010200300000000000000:GBR The Beer Co. 2 The Maltings Milton Abbas BLANDFORD FORUM Dorset DT11 OBH enquiries@beerco.com Verified 1
Partial Match O903000000280000000000000000:GBR ISLE OF MAN joe.bloggs@hotmail.com Verified 2
Multiple Matches M903000000200600000000000000:GBR Geometry Inc Euclid Street SWINDON hi@geometry-inc.co.uk Unreachable 3
Good Match R933000000201000000000000000:GBR Bark & Berk Charnwood Wokingham Road BRACKNELL Berkshire RG42 1PB bark.berk@lawyers.net Verified 4
Poor Match R023601a10200103000000000000:GBR Southbury Sand 8 Southbury Lawn Road GUILDFORD Surrey GU2 4DD orders@southburysand.org Verified 5

As well as cleaning and standardising the postal address in a format tailored for the relevant country (in this case, the United Kingdom), Clean Application has added a match profile and match codes for the postal and email addresses which communicate the exact changes that were made to the data, and why.

Using Clean Application, you can send thousands of postal and email addresses for this kind of cleaning, as well as enriching your existing postal data by appending DataPlus.