With Capture Application, a Rule defines a collection of settings relating to how your search users interact with the Search UI.

From the My Rules tab, use the View Rule button to see an overview of the settings contained within any of your Rules. Use the Add New Rule button to duplicate an existing Rule and edit its settings, or the Edit button to change the settings of an existing Rule. Note that the Default Rule cannot be edited or deleted.

Using the Edit buttons, you can control the following settings:

  • Rule Name
    The unique name of this Rule. This is not used outside of the Administration Portal.

  • Hot Key
    The key combination the user should press to open the Search UI under this Rule. Once opened, the other settings configured with this Rule will take effect.

  • Search Options
    Default dataset - this is the dataset which will be automatically selected when the Search UI opens under this Rule.
    You can also specify which types of searches will be available under this Rule by selecting 'Off' or 'On' next to each search type.
    At least one search type must be 'On', and you must select a default search type.

  • Target Application
    The application or screen which this Rule can be used with. For example, you may want one Rule to be enforced when your search users are entering addresses into your contact database, but another one to be used when they are entering addresses in your CRM system.

  • Default Address Layouts
    For each dataset, the address layout which is used by default. To prevent your search users from using any layout other than the default, edit the Global Settings.