Address searching

Capture Application can be invoked at the necessary point in the data entry workflow via the application's UI, guiding the user through the entire process.


Depending on the way that Capture Application has been set up in your organisation, you may be able to open it in one of three ways:

  1. From the start menu
    Using the Windows Start menu, navigate to Capture Application. The application will open using your default rule which is created by your administrator.
  2. From your application
    From your CRM or ERP, click the Capture button. Depending on the way your application has been set up, this button may be marked 'Find Address', 'Search' or similar.
  3. Using a hot key
    Hot keys can be used to launch Capture Application quickly, using only the keyboard. Different hot keys can be created to launch it using different rules and settings.
    New hot keys are created by your administrator but the default is Alt+Q. Once you have found the required address, you can paste it straight into the application you were using before you pressed the hot key.

Selecting a search type

You can select which search type to use from the toolbar at the top of the screen:

The examples in this guide are specific to individual countries. However, they can all be adapted to work in whichever country you are searching in.

There are three search types to choose from:

Capture Application

Address searching